Dave fetched the newly repaired radiator back from the menders, and he has made a great job of fitting it back in the shell and back on the car.

Radiator back on

Radiator back on

We are planning on a test drive in the near future, watch this space!!




We were working towards trying to drive the Buick for the first time. We moved all the motorcycles to the back of the workshop and positioned the Buick by the shutter door.

Ready to roll?

Ready to roll?


I had not tried to start the engine again since the one and only time we had it running.

We strapped the seat in place, connected the battery and petrol pump, and surprise surprise, it started again.

When we had the gearbox and transmission out of the car for several months, I had not checked the clutch, and I was certain that it would be stuck and the Buick would not change gear successfully.

Little Phil put oil in the gearbox and back axle for the first time, water in the newly repaired radiator and petrol in the tank.

I sat in the drivers seat, pressed the foot pedal starter, and it fired up. I managed to find reverse gear, that worked, and would have knocked the motorcycles over, and then first gear, and drove out of the workshop.


Not very smooth and only in first gear so far, but it worked! Wow!



Work on the Buick has come to a halt again, as it seems to do every summer.

We are very busy in the workshop, fiddling with vintage motorcycles.



We will get back to the Buick later in the year.


We have set a date of 1st January to re start work on the Buick. Not sure how we are going to fit it in the workshop yet. We have been selling lots of motorcycles, but more keep arriving.





4 Responses to 38. DRIVING THE BUICK – FANTASTIC !

  1. Pat Barringer says:

    Well done Phil!

    • Mike Browning says:

      Congrates,fist time in 58 years….Mike ps just happen to be wearing Burton Motorcycle and Light Car Club…..black T shirt today..

  2. Fantastic to see the progress on this! Have you found time for anything else this year?

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