35 – Jan 2014 new year spurt


My Buick is sleeping at the back of the industrial unit. We have closed one of the units and moved everything into the other industrial unit with the motorcycles.

Buick at rest

Buick at rest

We will be working on the Buick this winter, but we have been very busy and not had the time or enthusiasm for the Buick recently.

I will check with Little Phil and try to get a few hours on it over the Christmas holidays.

Watch this space –



A bit of progress-

We spent a few hours today on the carburettor controls.

We offered up and loosely fitted the dash board,

Instrument panel

Instrument panel

and it was higher than we expected, with a gap above the scuttle.


We have checked our library of photos of other similar cars, but it is not obvious how the glass fits and if we are missing another part to fill the gap. *

*I now know that this gap is suppose to be there. The original windscreen can be lifted to allow airflow to go behind the dashboard onto your feet.

Thanks to all the advice from Buick owners in the 1927 Buick Yahoo group. They mostly live in hot countries and didn’t appreciate that aircon is not a priority in England.

Next was the choke control knob.

choke control stripped

choke control stripped

choke control in place

choke control in place

then we made a cable and connected it to the carb,

and it works!


We have connected the accelerator pedal to the carb,

accelerator cable

accelerator cable

Note the piece of heat resistant tubing where the cable is close to the exhaust manifold.

Apologies for the quality of the second photo, but this shows the new bracket and cable on the original Buick lever. It would have been rod operated originally.


We also had a look at the petrol pipe. Phil blew it out with an air gun, and we just need to flare one end to go on the fuel tank. I had already bought a 12 volt electric pump that we will mount inside the chassis at the back.

We then have a good tidy up and sorted out of the stock of Buick parts. I had put the distributor parts in a safe place, we eventually found them in a cupboard in the office.

Some time ago I made a wooden pawl for the ratchet on the hand brake lever. I have now made a similar one in steel. I will try it on the car before I flame harden the pointy bit.



The handbrake lever is now fitted and appears to work ok.  We need to park it on a hill to be sure!  It will come off again for painting and hardening eventually.

brakes on

brakes on






Little Phil & Dave worked well on the Buick today. Dave made a gasket for the gearbox cover, and Phil bolted it in place.

Dave gas git

Dave gas git






Then they offered up the front exhaust pipe for the first time. It looks promising, but we will have to ask Magic Brian to make a flange to bolt the front end up.













This is part of the carb heater system.


Although we are using a different carburetter without the heating, we need to fit this between the manifold and the exhaust pipe to make up the space. I have stripped out the butterfly flap parts and will block off the surplus holes.

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