33 – Transmission Transition


The gearbox (transmission) casing came back last week. Me & Little Phil were all ready to build it up Tuesday evening, but we found the casing was full of swarf & grinding dust.

I took it home, where I have a parts washer cabinet, and set about cleaning it out.

DSCF3704The casing is now nice and clean inside.

This is the front bearing housing with its new sleeve-








I have started to re-assemble the gears, and the front universal joint assembly on the mainshaft.



Next job is to make some new gaskets. The UJ housing & mainshaft bolts on to the rear of the main gearbox housing with a paper gasket.


The old and the new. 1928 Buick gearbox and a 2013 laptop computer. We took lots of photos as we dismantled the transmission.

3 Responses to 33 – Transmission Transition

  1. Sis M says:

    well don, continue to enjoy

  2. Mike says:

    I stumbled upon your blog a year ago, and keep coming back to see how you are making out. It’s great to see that things are slowly coming together for you. Looking forward to the rest of this great story. BTW I live just outside of Oshawa Canada, where your car was originally built, and I have family that has work at the plant.

    • 1928buick says:

      Hi Mike, nice to hear from you.

      My Buick is feeling a bit neglected. It is motorcycle season now, too many toys, not enough time in the day.

      I need to get the wheels on soon, then I will get back on the Buick later in the year.


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