34 – Getting back together


Dave made some new paper gaskets. Great job, thanks Dave.








Then the gearbox went back together and into the car.











The rear axle wasn’t so easy. We had bolted the gearbox bell housing up tight, and the front UJ housing, and we couldn’t get the splined prop shaft into the back of the gearbox. After much swearing and sweating, we slackened all the bolts off and it finally went home.


The bolts in the rear spring hangers were wrong and damaged and bent, so we have ordered new ones.

Wheels on next time!!


Wheels are on!!

Wheelie Great!

Wheelie Great!

Phil and me fitted the bolts in the rear spring housings. They are still not quite right. They could be 1/4″ longer.

But we went ahead and re-fitted the wheels. Bit of a panic when we could not find the rear wheel bearings, They were in the wheel hubs all along. I was looking for cup & cone wheel bearings like the front wheel, and the rear are actually long roller bearings.


It feels like a big achievement to get the Buick back on its wheels.

We will continue steadily to get the Buick sorted. Hopefully do a bit more over the winter, than we have managed recently.

3 Responses to 34 – Getting back together

  1. Magic says:

    Great news Phil. Nice to see it going together at last.

  2. Ian Howell says:

    Brilliant job! I am very envious as my ‘repair’ (not restoration) of my 1930 Jowett Long Four could be said to have started when I bought the wreck in 1966! In reality I only started work on it – and then only very part-time – in 2004 but at least it is now back on the road albeit without its fabric ‘skin’ and interior lining.

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