30. November 2012 progress at last.


We had a good night on the Buick. There is still a lot to do, and every time we think about assembling the brakes we hit another small problem.

The new brake back plate mudguard arrived from America, thanks Fred, and a spark plug cover. I had given up hope of finding one of these.

Spark plug cover and mudguard. Thanks Fred.













But I realised recently that the locating studs on the front brake bands are worn. Brian had replaced the studs on the rear brakes, one was snapped in half, but I did not think to check the front ones.

And they are worn too-

Worn studs.

I have asked Brian to work his magic on these.






We did however make some progress.

The starter motor is refitted, and the generator, and then the water pump went back on with the short hose.

Unfortunately I had ordered the wrong size radiator hose for the thermostat housing. We have got 1.1/2″ bore instead of 1.5/8″ and it won’t go on. So I will order the correct size.



Rodney the electrician had a look at the distributor that recently came from the USA,  and he says the cam is worn on this one as well. I agreed, once I had put my reading glasses on.

I was hoping we could use it, but I have now asked Brian to make a new shaft.

Starter motor in place.

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