27. June/July taking a break


Apologies for the lack of action recently, but this exactly matches the lack of action in the workshop.

We have been really busy with the motorcycle business recently www.vinandvet.com

and the bearing side has been buzzing as well www.vintagebearings.co.uk

We have had a lot of new bikes in, some needing attention, and we have also been getting our bikes ready for riding,

Phil on a 1919 Triumph & Little Phil behind on his Honda

Hopefully work on the Buick will resume shortly.

The repaired generator is ready for collection, and we might even be attempting to start the engine soon, the first time it has run since 1955.


This morning I collected the restored generator, and the starter motor and distributor will be ready shortly.

I am now keen to get the engine started, and I will be thinking about putting the wheels back on, and re-fitting the radiator next week.

The radiator is still missing a themostat housing and radiator cap, so I will have to see what I can rig up as a temporary measure.

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