14. September Update


I have been looking into replacement carburetors and I think a Rochester Model B might fit the bill.  I am planning on removing the cast iron part of my Marvel carb and the inlet manifold at the weekend, then I should have a better idea if the Rochester will fit.

I have got my friends Hans & Rodney lined up to inspect the Buick to form a plan of action, and make a list of what we need to get the engine started. Carburetor and HT leads would be a good idea.

I also need to buy some radiator hoses. Magic Brian has offered to make a new radiator top housing from the pattern that Mats in Sweden kindly provided.

I made some enquiries at Beauliea Autojumble last week about having a new tourer body made in aluminium, and the quotes I got were far too expensive unless I win the lottery.

There was a nice old Sunbeam pick up on display, similar age and size to my Buick,

Sunbeam Pickup

but I would still prefer a 4 seater tourer body for family outings.

Good news is that the sale prices at Bonhams Auction were sky high, so the Buick is looking like a good investment already.






Stripped the carb and heat riser assembly off today. The bolts all came undone easy, 9/16″ and 5/8″ A/F spanners and look like both UNF and UNC threads. Very pleased with the way it came apart. I think I am going to enjoy working on my Buick.

I now have the bits on the kitchen table.

The Marvel does not look so complicated now I have it off.  It needs a bit of sorting and there are a couple of bits missing, but I think I will try to use it.

( 30.9.11 Leif in Sweden has supplied the missing parts, so the Marvel carb is now complete. Thanks Leif.)


Had a nice day at Turweston Aerodrome near Silverstone Race track. It was a flying day with old planes, old cars and old motorcycles. Met a chap with a 1929 6 Cylinder Chevrolet  and he had fitted an SU carb off an Austin Mini.

Mini SU HS2 carb on the Chevvy

He says it starts and runs nicely and returns 15-20 mpg.

I found an 1.1/2″ H4 SU carb on Ebay in Nottingham, bought it, collected it, and it looks like it will fit on top of the inlet manifold, when the manifold is turned upside down. It came with an adaptor off a Ford Cortina, that seems perfect for the Buick. I will offer it up and take some photos.

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  1. Wife ! says:

    You have a garage as the workshop – not my kitchen table !!

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