29. October 2012, where did September go?


We did some work on the Buick, at last.

I thought it would be a good idea to write a list of jobs to be done, as it was so long since we last looked at the Buick.

I had been gathering spares throughout the summer, so I now thought I had just about everything we need to finish the work, apart from time that is!

We are still waiting for the distributor cam shaft from Magic Brian, and Rodney has taken the starter motor back, because he found a stray shim washer on his bench, and it might belong to the starter.

Me and Little Phil started the list at the back of the chassis, moving forward, noting all the tasks that needed completing.

I filled 2 pages of notes just on the chassis, enough to keep us busy for a few months by the look of it, so the list stopped there for now.

Chassis list Oct 2012

We will think about the bodywork later.






I want to get the wheels back on the car, so we can move it into a position to lift the back end and investigate the differential housing.

We intend to lift it with a block & tackle, and the beam in the roof of the building, is over the front end of the Buick.

But before we put the wheels on we have to assemble the brakes, and that means fitting the new bolts & springs that Magic made, and the dust covers (mudguards) on the back of the brake drums.


Phil cleaned and painted the good mudguards, and the rear external brake bands,










and I tried to fit the one damaged mudguard we have.

I had previously straightened it out from a bent and cracked state, and unfortunately the holes no longer line up with the screws on the brake plate.

I might get a good one from Fred in the USA eventually, or we might have to cut & weld this one.

Damaged mudguard

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