49 – November 2016 – on the road


Buick was back on the road today – first time since 1955 or 1935, depending how you define ‘on the road’.

Out the gate and away –

Great day and she ran fine –

A couple of small oil leaks that were easily fixed, a few loose nuts that were tightened, and a wobbly front wheel that was adjusted up. A great day for all involved.

Fit for purpose –



Rodney collected the dashboard instruments from the menders last week, and Martin has fitted them today and they look great.


We connected the temperature gauge to the cylinder head, Rodney will attach the wires to the ammeter and test that, but the speedo will have to go off to Wales to get a new cable made.



Shocking day day. We were driving the Buick yesterday on country roads, and the ride was very bouncy, bouncy.

Martin, Ken & Dave have had all 4 shock absorbers off today, and tested them and fitted Dave’s new gaskets.


Ken worked out that the shockers were adjusted incorrectly, and the check straps were too long. Martin has refitted the shock absorbers with shorter straps, and we are looking forward to a smoother ride.

Unfortunately the fan belt has split, so we have ordered a new belt and a spare.