53 – Summer 17


We had an excellent weekend at Klondyke Steam Rally. The Buick attracted lots of attention.


and we sold some oil, so it was a successful outing.


Woo! Woo!


Buick is resting at the moment. We have been asked to drive a friend’s daughter to her school prom in July, so we will take some photos of that.



We had a good day working on the Buick. Dave & Martin lifted the carpet, insulation and floorboards, and we could see the clutch release bearing through the inspection cover on the bell housing.

The clutch bearing grease cup and tube were missing, so we made up a new cooper tube with a grease nipple on the end, and we can now get some grease into the bearing.

While we had the floorboards up Dave topped up the gearbox oil, and Martin fitted the original leather gaiter over the clutch arm. We also disconnected the speedo cable at the gearbox end, as the speedo head is noisy and doesn’t work properly anyway.

And I forgot to take photos, sorry.


Test drive tomorrow ahead of Dave’s school prom appointment Saturday.




Lovely evening driving Megan to the prom.





We have been advised to use thicker oil in the gearbox, to help with quieter gear changes. Dave & Martin drained the oil and filled the gearbox and back axle with 680 steam oil,

and killed Pete in the process!


Ouch !


We took the Buick to Lupin Farm, a very large classic gathering near Burton-on-Trent. A great day out and we could not believe how many old vehicles turned up. There must have been a thousand cars, bikes, trucks, tractors and steam engines.

lupin aug 17 (3)


lupin aug 17 (5)



Good day out last Sunday at Claymills Pumping Station,   http://www.claymills.org.uk/




and Barton Marina Transport Show.



1 HP


Next outing Sunday 3rd September at Draycott Village Show.  http://www.draycottintheclayshow.org.uk/ Lovely day out, come along.