24. restoration continues


Magic Brian’s magic wheel puller worked really well. In fact so well that the rear wheels came off before the any pressure was put on the wrench.

Little Phil cleaned these wheels, and they look great.



Nice wheels

Phil then finished the painting under the car, and cleaned the floor with his coat.




Phil the painter

We removed the bolt & springs from the front right brake to give to Brian to to make 2 new bolts, and we cleaned up the brake back plates ready for painting.

Again, as with the chassis it was more like dirt & dust rather than rust, with paint showing through underneath.




I have ordered new stainless steel springs for the rear brakes, and to also replace the front brake springs.

Front brake bolt & spring

Rodney the electrician is hoping to visit this week, and I have given Magic the new thermostat housing to make an adaptor plate for the top of the  radiator.




My Buick has a new friend to talk to, a 1920 FN 4 cylinder motorcycle. What tales they could tell, if only…

750cc 4 cylinder shaft drive


Rodney the electrician came today. He recommends that we remove the starter motor, distributer and generator, and let him clean & test them on his test bed. So that is what we will do.

Still not got the correct small springs for the brake adjusters. I have now bought 2 different sizes but neither is correct.

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