17. November progress


Big news is that I have cleared a space in my workshop to get the Buick rolling chassis in. My friend Hans is hiring a car trailer soon, so my Buick is coming home. It will be a tight fit, but  at least I will have it at hand so I can get on with fixing it.

I collected the shiny black rocker cover from the stove enamellers. I put it on the engine and it looks great.

Rocker box and wingnuts

The studs that hold the rocker cover down were not very nice, so I have made some new ones.

new rocker cover studs

I bought some 5/16″ UNC x 5″ bolts on Ebay. I have a small lathe in my workshop and I turned the hexagon heads off and theaded the studs for the 8mm wingnuts.

I have not been trained to use the lathe, but I enjoy doing simple jobs, and anything clever goes to Magic Brian for machining.

My Raglan Littlejohn lathe

Brian did a great job drilling the carb adapter to fit the inlet manifold.

I will also need to make 2 new 5/16″ studs to hold the spark plug cover, when I get one!! The cover is missing from my engine, but it only cosmetic and not urgent.

Cover hides the spark plugs on this similar engine

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