12. Previous known owners

Previous known owners 1928 Buick  (as at 12.6.11)

2022 to date Craig Smith, Norfolk

2010 to 2022 Phil Haywood, Burton-on-Trent

2003-2010 Ed Robinson, Cheshire

2003 Robert Wells, Goole, Yorkshire

2000-2003? John Barringer, Bedford area

199?-2000 David Polson, Bedford

1990-199? Craig Smith, Bedford

1987-1990 Ray Butcher, Birchington Kent

1987? Alec McLeod, Kent

1936-1987 Westgate & Birchington Golf Course

-1935 Ronald Hubert Deacon, George V Avenue, Margate

1 Response to 12. Previous known owners

  1. Ray Butcher says:

    Im delighted that you have got the registration back and also impressed with the way you are catalo ging all the information. My fear was that the number plate had been sold on as I imagine that would be worth a bit.
    In cidentally the ash tree that I used came from the quex estate in Birchington which is quite a famous stately home and now a museum. The tree was taken to Chilham sawmill on the way to ashford to be planked. the sawmill is al;so long gone. I will add bits of information as I think of it

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