08. The way ahead.


Now having found the names of the previous owners, and having in my possession the new V5C registration document, the old brown log book and the brass chassis plate, the first part of my Buick story is complete.

The story will now continue at a slower pace as I turn my attention to the car itself.

Get it running!

I need to free off the engine and get it turning over on the starting handle, although Ray Butcher said it was very tight when it came back from the engine rebuild. Robert in Yorkshire said he used to turn it over on the handle.

I want to find out why the back wheels and the differential turn freely, but nothing in the gearbox appears to be moving. Is the prop shaft disconnected or missing.

Electrical wiring and fuel & oil pipes need checking and completing.

I need to buy a thermostat unit for the radiator eventually, probably in the USA.

Thermostat missing.


I would also like to contact relatives of Ronald Hubert Deacon in Margate, to ask if anyone remembers the Buick, and maybe have a photo in the family album.

It would also be nice to confirm the WWII bomber attack, but not sure if there is much chance of this.

I will add more as it happens. Thanks for reading my Buick story so far.

Update 20.6.11

Diesel down the plug holes and a a big tommy bar on the starting handle and the engine turned. The gearbox and back axle are also working by the look of it.

Many thanks to Leif & Mats in Sweden. Mats sent me the correct top hose connection, which the thermostat fits in. It is cracked but will be great as a pattern to make a new one.

I also have to figure out how the carbruetter works, or find a replacement.

I wrote to all 5 Deacons in the Margate phone book and I received an email from Hubert’s grandson Mick. More details later.

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