57 – August – December 2020


Buick came out to play – first time out and running this year.


It wouldn’t start at first, the fuel filter by the back axle was blocked again. Martin soon sorted it and fitted a new clean filter and the Buick burst into life.


We had 2 short trips and it ran very well.


Good to get the Buick on the road again.


We were hoping to take the Buick to the Salt Box Cafe to meet up with the traction engines from the Klondyke on Sunday morning. The Buick wouldn’t start unfortunately.

I went on my Honda.



We took the petrol filters off and checked them, then the petrol pump, and then the tank.

There was dirt in the filters and in the pump, but the tank looked clean. We fitted a new pump and filters and refitted the tank, and late in the day the Buick was running again. Thanks to Martin, Dave, Phil and Rodney.

Then a short trip to check the repairs.


First proper run out in the Buick this year. Klondyke were collecting a diesel roller from Burton College. Doing it the proper way with a lowloader trailer pulled by 2 traction engines. We chased them in the Buick.


Great day out.


Buick is hibernating, and looking forward to a better next year, when the world gets back to normal.

buick dec 20