31. 1 step forward…..


…..2 steps back!

I was looking for bolts for the gearbox cover. This has always been loose with only 2 rusty bolts instead of 4.

I found 2 more bolts, cleaned up the rusty ones, and tried them in the cover. The paper gasket had moved, so I had to lift the cover right off.

Cover off.

Cover off.

This is the first time the cover has been off since I had a quick peep inside the gearbox, when the Buick was in the dark storage container.

It looks nice & clean inside. The gears look good, BUT…. I discovered that the front gearbox bearing has been glued into the casing using a generous amount of Araldite epoxy adhesive.

Stuck up!

Stuck up!

I presume the housing was worn and the new bearing a loose fit?

I have been selling ball & roller bearings for over 35 years. I now specialise in bearings for old cars & motorcycles, and I would never, ever, ever, recommend gluing a bearing in place. Repair the housing or use a larger diameter bearing please. Do not glue it in!!

I do not like this bearing being glued in place on my car, and I am considering removing the gearbox to sort it out properly.

This also throws doubt on the quality of the other mechanical restoration. I was already suspicious of the differential, with only 2 bolts in the cover, and what else might be wrong??

Good thing is, that I have plenty of time. Nothing is urgent and if it takes a bit longer to get things right, so be it.


It has been suggested that the Araldite has been applied to seal against oil getting into the clutch. Not sure about that. I have checked the number on the bearing that is fitted, and it is correct one as listed in the parts list.

2.1.13 Happy New Year

We removed the rear axle and removed the gearbox (transmission).

Axle Out
Axle Out
Gearbox out.

Gearbox out.

The front bearing and clutch shaft came out easy. The araldite fell off straight away. I didn’t seem to be doing much.

When I had cleaned the surplus glue off the inside of the housing, I could feel a definite ridge and wear at the top of the casing.

Old Bearing Out

Old Bearing Out

I ordered a new sealed bearing, Magic Brian pressed it onto the shaft, and when I offered it up to the gearbox, and it slipped in easy, too easy.

The new bearing moves up and down in the housing.

I am now looking for a company to machine the damaged housing accurately, so we can then sleeve it down to the correct size.

New Bearing In

New Bearing In

I made a video of the bearing moving in the housing. You can hear it clicking and see the outer ring moving if you look closely. http://youtu.be/plJHuIG4ZPA

Good news on the differential. Phil removed the cover, and it looks fine inside, almost new.


Diff cover fits well!

We have found some new bolts, cleaned the bolt holes, and bought some new gasket paper to make a gasket for the cover. We will also need to make gearbox gaskets.


Tony Perkin at Geartech (Midlands) near Kidderminster in the UK, has offered to get the worn gearbox housing machined out and sleeved back to size.

I was hoping to take it last week. Tony is rebuilding a Bugatti gearbox for a friend of mine and the plan was to collect that at the same time, but the Bugatti box was not quite ready, so we are now hoping to get things moving next week, maybe!

Magic Brian finished the new distributer cam, and it looks superb.

Lovely new cam

Lovely new cam

Nearly got everything we need now – apart from the transmission, bodywork, time!

3 Responses to 31. 1 step forward…..

  1. tony wiltshire says:

    Hi I am one of the people who rescued the car in the 1980s if you would like to give me a ring , i may have some more information on it .Tony

  2. Mark Shaw says:

    Glad to see you found the problem and are correcting it with a bushing.

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