32. The brakes are on!

Brake Bands Ready to Fit

Brake Bands Ready to Fit


One year and six days after we stripped the brakes, they are all repaired and back on the car!

Brian's New Bolts

Brian’s new bolts

All Fitted Up!

All Fitted Up!

We have finally started some significant re-assembly on my 1928 Std 6 Buick.

After a little more than a year since we stripped the brake bands, they are repaired and back on the car.

A small victory maybe, but it feels great to be going in the right direction at last.

Just got the transmission to sort out, and then the back axle and gearbox can go back in.

Then the wheels can finally go back on. Yippee! That will be a good day.


We have taken the gearbox to the menders today. Watch this space!


The gearbox (transmission) casing came back last week. Me & Little Phil were all ready to build it up Tuesday evening, but we found the casing was full of swarf & grinding dust.

I took it home, where I have a parts washer cabinet, and set about cleaning it out.

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  1. Sis M says:

    Congratulations. M

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