37 – March 14 – body building?


Disappointing news on the radiator. It went away for cleaning and pressure testing and it is leaking in 4 places. We have it back in the workshop for the time being while we decide what to do with it.

We have now switched our attention to the bodywork. We fetched the Morris Oxford front doors out of deep storage, with the intention of using them in making a closed cab, with a pickup bed behind.

We put the left hand door in place and we think we can make it fit ok.

One door in place

One door in place


The radiator has gone away for a second opinion and hopefully mending.

We have started measuring up to build a pick up body on the back of the Buick.


measuring up

measuring up

And it is more complicated than I thought. Whether to go inside the wheels with mudguards (fenders) outside? Or full width above the wheels, which will make the bed of the truck higher?

We took  photos of a Sunbeam at Beaulieu a few years ago. This is the sort of thing we are planning-



Lots of scribbled sketches and notes.

Leonardo Da Vinci ?

Leonardo Da Vinci ?




First job was to position a seat in place to determine the position of the rear panel of the cab.

This felt good.

This felt good.







We might attempt to drive round the yard now we have a seat!

Shall we go cruising?

Shall we go cruising?


2 Responses to 37 – March 14 – body building?

  1. Brian Doolan says:

    Tell me when you are going to drive round the yard, I want to be there.

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