26. April fools??


We are pressing on with the mechanical recommissioning.

We have found a company near Lincoln, UK, who can repair the faulty generator, and maybe convert it to 12 volts at the same time. Thanks to Peter Cornwell for the recommendation.

Faulty generator armature.

I had made an appointment to visit with Rodney the electrician last Wednesday, but a bad snow storm changed our plans.

Snow joke!






Me and Phil have been looking at the brake rods. The brake and clutch pedals are fitted, and the rods will all be connected when new clevis pins arrive.



Give us a brake.






I could not work out how the hand brake lever went together, but Leif in Sweden came to my rescue again with photos and scans.




Hand brake lever, top end







I am very pleased with the way things are going, and really enjoying working on my Buick.



Hand brake bottom end with pattern rachet pawl.

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