13. Some wonderful photos

Wilf Cuckson sent me this picture

Hubert T Deacon, Edith Deacon & the chauffeur

It is not my Buick. It looks like a 4 door, and by the shape of the wings I think it is a 1927 model. Probably Hubert’s own car.   Chauffeurs name is Jack Austin.


And my friend Jim in Toronto is a wizz with photoshop-

Me standing by a Buick I have never seen?? Thanks Jim.

Thanks Jim, I don’t need to finish my car now.


Margate harbour around 1930? Not my Buick unfortunately


I have put all my Buick photos on Photobucket


In no particular order and no descriptons, but they might be interesting to some of you.

2 Responses to 13. Some wonderful photos

  1. Peter cockbain. says:

    Dear Mr Haywood,
    Further to my enquiry re needle bearings for my 1908 6 cylinder Humber gearbox, I am a 1929 Buick ‘tragic” having retored a 29-49X and 3/4s the way through a 29-50LX.
    In the time I have been aquiring parts for my 29’s< I have collected the remains of a 1928 sedan that is only suitable for parts as there is nothing of the body back from the dash, with the 2 front doors shells still there. It is a right hand drive assembly, so some parts would suit your '28.
    Please let me know if there is anything I might be able to help you with as it is of no use to me as the 1929 was quite a different car and virtually none of the parts are interchangeable.
    Kind regards
    Peter Cockbain.

  2. 1928buick says:

    Hi Peter

    thanks for your message. Nice to find another Buick addict.

    Have you got the bracket on the bulkhead where the RHD 1928 accelerator pedal mounts, please?

    Top of my wish list is a windscreen frame for an open touring car. I am not building a concours car so exact match is not important.

    Phil Haywood

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