15. O is for October 2011

Not much progress this month. Too busy selling motorcycles & bearings.

I was hoping to have the thermostat housing sorted by now. I bought an Opel Kadett housing on Ebay which looks like it might fit. It will need an adapter plate making to hold the thermostat.

I also bought a ‘summer’ 74 degree MGB thermostat. This seems to be the lowest temperature easily available. Most modern thermostats are 80-90 degrees C.

I offered the Opel housing up to the radiator last week, to see how the hose will line up, and I realised I had a problem.

The radiator is not fixed in place yet. It is held loosely by 2 small bolts onto the chassis. The radiator rocks 2 inches either way at the moment.

I cannot fix the radiator in it’s correct position until the bonnet stays are fitted. I cannot fit the bonnet (hood) stays because the scuttle is off the car. I cannot fit the scuttle in position until the bonnet is offered up and fitted in position.

So the thermostat job is on hold.  I am still hoping to start the engine soon, and I will use flexible radiator hoses for the time being, just to start the engine.

I found 2 nice books on Ebay in the USA. An original 1928 catalogue, in poor condition but fairly cheap, and a 1928 dealer special features brochure. They haven’t arrived yet. I will scan a couple of pages when they do.

I have just spent all my pocket money on a complete exhaust system from the US.  I think the exchange rate must be in my favour at the moment, as it seems like a bargain at £233 including shipping.

29.10.11. Me & Dave took the inlet manifold off and turned it upside down. We offered the SU carb up and it looks like we can make it fit. I measured the width of the bulkhead and put a tape where we thought the bonnet will be and the carb will clear ok.

Notice the rusty rocker cover which is now in my car and will go for blasting & painting next week. Another little bit sorted.

The bonnet should clear ok

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