20. Books & Manuals


I am gathering a nice collection of literature for my Buick. You can’t beat having the right information.

The car came with a folder containing a photocopy of the 1928 Buick Reference Book. 58 pages A4 size. Quite a good copy but some of the pictures are a bit blurd.

The second page says it is by the ‘General Motors Export Company’ but it shows LHD cars andĀ USA model names.



to be continued……

2 Responses to 20. Books & Manuals

  1. troy weaver says:

    my name troy weaver i have 28 buick any help you can givewould be greatly appreciated 717-965-6645

  2. 1928buick says:

    Hi Troy, we are just about finishing a 7 year restoration. Had the engine running again yesterday. I am not a Buick expert but I will help if I can. Phil

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