52 – Spring 17


When we were first designing the pickup body, we had 5 inch clearance between the rear tyres and the wings, with no weight on. With 3 stout chaps standing on the chassis, it only went down slightly.


After we had built and mounted the rear body, we still had 4″ clearance.

Now we have been driving the Buick on the road, first time for over 60 years, it settled to 2.1/2 inch gap, and the tyres have been rubbing on the inside of the rear wings.

When we put one fairly light vintage motorcycle on the back, it went down alarmingly, to only 1 inch above the tyre.


Pete the Polecat looks worried

Martin took the rear springs off, and we took them to Jones Springs in Darlaston, near Birmingham. They should be ready this week, rebuilt and with 2 extra leaves added.





We got the springs back from Jones Springs, great service, ready in 9 days.


Martin tried to fit them back on the Buick, but the shackle pins did not fit. They will not go through the holes in the bronze bushes; and we cannot understand why, unless it is something to do with the heating process when the springs are rebuilt?

Anyway, Magic Brian has come to the rescue again. He is reaming the holes to fit the pins, and they should be ready shortly.



The renewed springs are fitted and road tested without a load on. Suspension if fine, no saggy springs, but the steering has gone a bit vague again.

So we adjusted the steering box again, and loaded 2 fairly heavy motorcycles on the back and went for a run. The tyre to wing clearance is fine know.


It leans over a bit on the corners, but not too much, and the power and acceleration are fine with the extra weight on. .

Brakes are ok if you anticipate ahead, but the hand brake had stopped working. Ken has now adjusted the rods and linkages.


We are planning to have the Buick on our stand at Stafford Classic Bike Show April 22/23rd.



I drove the Buick 30 miles to Stafford Classic Bike Show, arriving at 9am, so we could park it on our stand in the main hall. It drove very well, with Little Phil following in his van, we were cruising easily at 40 mph, hitting 46 mph top speed, with 2 motorbikes on the back.


It created lots of interest at the show.


Must have been going fast – we killed a fly on the way home.



Planning to have the Buick on show in our local village Well Dressing weekend May 20th/21st.



We had a good day Sunday in Etwall. Lots of interest in the Buick,

etwall wd 2017


And the 1890 Penny Farthing


The kids were more interested in Pete the Polecat



I bought 2 small trunks to keep stuff tidy on the back



Next planned outing with the Buick is Klondyke Steam Weekend, Draycott-in-the-Clay 3/4th June.  http://www.nsctec.co.uk/page4.html