55 – Spring 2018


Dave fitted a remote cartridge oil filter over the winter. It went nicely inside the old vacuum petrol pump housing.



I took the Buick out for a short run on Easter Sunday. It went very well apart from the noisy clutch release bearing.


Late morning Tuesday I asked Martin & Dave when we could start dismantling the transmission to change the clutch bearing. By 5pm it was out!


They went to buy 2 railway sleepers first, so we could jack the back of the chassis up. It has a torque tube, so we had to pull the rear axle and propshaft back to get the gearbox out.


Magic Brian’s magic hub puller came into use again.


Gearbox out.


Suspect bearing removed. I have ordered a new one from french France.



The new clutch release bearing arrived Thursday morning. We decided to strip, inspect and clean the clutch while we had it out.



Main problem was compressing the large spring to release the pressure and remove the nuts. We do not have a press, so we lowered the ramp and the Buick down carefully on to the clutch.


The clutch was dusty and a bit rusty but otherwise in good condition.


It all went back together, gearbox reinstalled with the rear axle, and we started the engine at 5pm. Great work, thanks lads. It was a big job done in record time.

Friday morning Martin refitted the floor in the Buick, and adjusted the clutch play and the brakes, and we went for a test drive. It went very well and we are looking forward to driving it again, if the weather ever improves.


One of the rear wheels was loose on the half shaft again. We noticed this last year, and I was supposed to get a spacing washer made. I have now obtained some washers and we will fit one next time the Buick comes out to play.

I want to get the petrol tank out next, and check the pickup pipe and the tank for dirt. I have ordered a modern petrol gauge and sender unit, so we will have some idea how much fuel is in the tank.