19. Pedalling furiously


When I bought the Buick, several parts came loose in a box, including the foot pedals and linkages.

I had not thought about the pedals until this week, and I didn’t really know how these and the associated rods and linkages fit.

I can’t find any pictures of right hand drive Buicks in the manuals, even the UK Buick manual I have shows LHD pictures, so the pedals are on the wrong side, and the linkages are presumably different.

Tom in Australia has very kindly sent photos of his car and these inspired me to go to the storage container and find my pedals.

Tom's very nice Buick

I found & fitted brake & clutch pedals which seem fine, but I do not appear to have the accelerator pedal or linkages.

I have put an appeal on the AACA forum for photos or info.

http://forums.aaca.org/f165/rhd-buick-manuals-316633.html  click to follow my pedal enquiries.



Tom's pedals. Accelerator is the higher button in the middle.


Many thanks to Colin who sent me this fantastic early Christmas present-

Thanks Santa, just what I always wanted!

a right hand drive accelerator pedal.

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