56 – May 2020


We took the Buick to Claymills Pumping Station.




The clutch is still noisy, and juddering a bit. We are not sure if it was the clutch release bearing after all.


The Buick also went to Phil’s 60th birthday celebration in May

rideout 47

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Phil’s birthday treat

and it made an appearance at the VMCC Burton Parade vintage motorcycle run.


We had the petrol tank off and fitted a breather. We think the tank was pressurising as it had no breather. Martin also fitted a modern electronic sender unit and a petrol gauge under the dashboard, which worked, sort of, but now needs looking at again.




On the way to Klondyke Steam weekend, it was running very rough and almost stopped on the road.  The advance & retard had moved, either on the gears at the bottom of the steering column, or on the lever on the steering wheel. Once we realised that fully advanced in now at 6 o’clock on the lever and not 3 o’clock, it ran fine.


Klondyke Steam Rally


The Draycott show in September was excellent, and the Buick ran very well. The clutch has stopped juddering, but it is still noisy.




The Buick is now hibernating for the winter, and dreaming of next years outings.




Ken and Dave started the Buick, first time this year, and then reset the tappets, cleaned the spark plugs, and tightened down the cylinder head bolts. All needing minimal adjustment.

Then a short test drive to the salad shop. The Buick went well.

20190321_121605 (1)

First outing April 2019.


August 2019

Buick has been out and about a few times only this summer, including Etwall Well Dressing and Klondyke Steam Rally.


It had water problems again, which we think we have now cured, with a steel pipe instead of the rubber bottom radiator hose, which was contracting and closing up.

October 2019

The weather forecast was not good, but we braved the elements at the Klondyke Steam Rally on the Saturday only.




We ran out of petrol on the way, but we always have cans in the back. Must get the petrol gauge fixed.


January 2020

Buick is in hibernation again over the winter.

We will be taking it out and about again in the spring sunshine.

May 2020

All activities and shows are cancelled so far this year, due to the Corona virus.




We are looking forward to driving the Buick again, when it is all over.