28. August progress


Things are starting to happen again –

We now have 2 radiator caps, we have the bolts and springs for the back brakes, and my Buick has a rebuilt generator, and a rebuilt starter motor.

Me & Rodney collected the reconditioned generator last month. It has been rewound, changed to electronic regulator, and converted to 12 volts.


And Rodney has just delivered a shiny rebuilt starter motor and a dismantled distributor.

Starter motor still wrapped up.








The cams on the points drive in the distributor are worn. I am going to show it to Magic Brian to see if he can make a new one.

Worn out cam









We now have 2 radiator caps. I put a wanted notice on a Buick message group in the USA. My friend Colin in Surrey saw it and offered me a very nice radiator cap with a Boyce Motometer thermometer fitted.

It was quite expensive, but in very nice condition, and anyway, where would you find another?

T Boyce Motometer on a Buick cap

And then I found another-

David in the USA had also seen my message and emailed me-

“When I was at the Buick National meet a couple of weeks ago I saw a plain radiator cap in the parts area. The vendor was Jonathan, his phone number is 5xx-2xx-9xxx
Regards, David”

I rang Jonathon, a very nice man, and we agreed a very reasonable price. He shipped it to England without being paid. It arrived yesterday and it fits a treat. I have sent him the payment. Thanks David & Jon.

Jon’s cap on the radiator









Magic Brian finished the new bolts for the brakes this week, and they look great.

Magic bolts

I think Brian was a bit disappointed when I told him they would be behind the wheel and under the wing (fender) and nobody will see them!



The new thermostat housing is nearly ready. Thanks Brian. It was a complicated machining job, but the result looks superb.

Brian made a special jig to hold it

New & old thermostat housings

7 Responses to 28. August progress

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  2. John Barringer says:

    At last this car is getting the attention it deserves.
    I have a couple of pictures of BSA cars that my son owns and would be pleased to send them if you give me your email address. I think I had it once but having bought a new computer this year it vanished into the ether!

  3. Sis M says:

    Poor cam know how it feels. Sis M

  4. ray butcher says:

    Delighted to see the progress you are making. I did have the ladies head rad cap which I bought in America ,but later sold at Beaulieu. ray Butcher

  5. f riley says:

    Have you thought about converting your dist to electronic ignition ?

    • 1928buick says:

      No not really. It came with a complete distributor and I was going to use that, until I was shown the worn cams. I now have a better one from the USA, and it looks ok to me.

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