41. Buick gets a lift – body transplant Jan/Feb 16

In place, but still needing wiring & hydraulics

In place, but still needing wiring & hydraulics

We had to move the Buick out of the workshop earlier in the year due to too many motorcycles, we are now installing a 4 post lift to park the Buick, and hopefully have it available to work on when time allows.



13.10.15 Buick is back in the workshop, flying high with the aeroplanes.




We have been working on motorcycles again recently, instead of the Buick. We might get chance to drop the lift shortly and offer up the Chevrolet cab frame.


Hibernating in plain sight


We fetched the Chevrolet cab frame back from the lock up, and for the first time had the car and the cab side by side, and we started measuring.



It looks like we can make it fit, and probably with the Chevrolet doors, not the black Morris Oxford doors we had originally thought we would use.


The cab is on the chassis, but facing the wrong way, for the time being, and the power unit might be a bit under-powered!



Many thanks to Ken, Dave & Little Phil for heaving & shoving. (We also had to move 2000 cardboard boxes while we were out in the van).


Dave cut the front off the Chevy cab frame, we turned it round and offered it up to the Buick windscreen posts.



Martin Nextdoor, came and had a look and he offered to repair the cab frame. Ten minutes later, it was in his workshop,




he had it dismantled, and we went off to the timber merchant with a list of the wood that Martin needs to finish the job.


Exciting times!