03. back to the car

Chapter 4 back to the car.
All this new information and fantastic history inspired me to actually do something with the car.
Many of my friends have shown great interest in my Buick, and we got a working party together on the promise of a full English breakfast in the pub.
I rented another shipping container next to the first and I moved all the loose bits into the empty container.
The tyres were low on air, one was completely flat, so I had pumped them up ready, and on the day had a full compressor on hand.
Six of us arrived on a sunny Friday morning in April 2011 and pulled the Buick out of the container.
The Hudson body was lifted up and off quite easily in the end, and into the empty container. I didn’t get an action photo sorry, I was lifting. 

Body off

We then lifted the new scuttle section off, and the 2 steel aprons off the sides, to reveal the bare rolling chassis for the first time. And it looked a lot better than I had expected. Apart from a good coating of dust, it looks fine.
Chassis exposed at last.

We then pushed the chassis into the empty container and retired to the pub.
Buick chassis in safe storage.

Spares department.

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