11. Interesting Documents

Uk registration document.

Click on the documents to enlarge please.

 The V5C and the chassis number at last!


The all important chassis plate.

The chassis plate confirming the chassis number, engine number and model   28- 20C. 

The body plate off the black saloon body.


The old brown logbook.

 The old brown logbook showing the previous owners.Ronald Hubert Deacon in 1935, and Westgate Golf Club in 1936, signed by Arthur Read. 

The other side.

 The body type has been changed to agricultural tractor, and notice on the right is states ‘for use on the golf course only’ and stamped in 1936.

Kent Council letter 1952


I wonder if they were caught out driving the tractor on the road in 1952? 

Buick tractor.

 Tractor tax is confirmed, but only allowed to drive 1004 yards on public roads between the 3 gates of the golf course. 



 The logbook and insurance certificate were in an envelope addressed to Ivor Read at Lockwood & Co.

Insurance certificate.

1952 insurance certificate for a Buick tractor.

Another Kent County Council letter 1955

In 1955 it appears that the Buick was retired and
an Armstrong Siddeley acquired to tow the mower.
I am glad the Buick wasn’t ‘broken up’.

1988 letter confirming registration number.
Letter from department of transport confirming acceptance of the original UC 8426 because ‘it has a very special place in British motoring history’. 

2 Responses to 11. Interesting Documents

  1. Geoff McCorkelle says:

    Hey from Down Under,
    Great story.
    The Holden body plate you have there is from a Morris Oxford, as it says. Which body is this in your story?
    Holden was the largest manufacturer of bodies in the 20-30’s in OZ and operated in Adelaide. They built bodies for just about anyone either small or by the thousand (eg Chev Fours). GM were Holden’s biggest customer by far. Other big producers they supplied by the hundreds were Willys Overland and Essex.
    Most peculiar how that OZ body/car has made its way home to the UK. Another research project for you! (Note, all Holden plates look home made, like yours, and as if stamped by some cross eyed clown using a sledge hammer). Externally there should be a cast Holden body plate fitted to the lower left scuttle panel just ahead of the leading front door edge.
    Geoff McCorkelle

    • 1928buick says:

      Hi Geoff, the plate is off the black saloon body that was sitting on my chassis when I first saw my Buick. I am now thinking of using this body to make a 4 door tourer. The wood looks fine apart from 3 pieces right at the back, and all the steel panels are good. I will put the plate back on if it works. Phil

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