10. Ron Deacon part 2

While I was searching for Ron’s decendents, I place an advert in the Thanet Gazette

And Wilfred Cuckson saw it and he knew Ron Deacon-

Hi Phil

I  knew  Ron  for  about  20  years  from  around  1945  till  his  death  12 April  1964.  He  had  just  been  demobbed  from  the  RAF  and  recently  divorced. 

He  was  back  living  with  his  parents  at  Elmstone  Court  about  7  miles  East  of  Canterbury. 

Elmstone  Ct  was  a  large  estate  and  at  the  time  hosted  a  Woman’s Land Army  Hostel,  my  Mother  was  a  cook  there,  she  was  also  separated but  not  divorced,  they  met,   and  as  they  say  fell  in  love,  staying  together  until  his  death. 

Hubert  Deacon  his  father  was  a  director  of  a  large  timber  company  in  Ramsgate,  he  owned  Elmstone Ct , a  farm  and  I  think  several  hundred acres  of  land.  

 Ron  used  to  tell  me  about  the  many  cars  the  family  owned,  They  enjoyed  their  motoring.   

 I  know  little  about  his  life   in  the  1930s  I  presume  he  married  lived  in  George V  ave  and  owned  the  Buick. 

He  had  one  son,  Graham,  a  retired  boat builder  who,  if  still  alive,  lives  on  the  Isle  of White.  I  met  him  once  in  the 60s,  he  is  older  than  me, I  am  70  he  must  be  in  his  80s.   

Sending  you  a  photo  of  Ron  and  my Mum,  it’s  on  the  SS  Royal  Daffodil,  a  day  trip  from  Margate  to  Boulogne  taken  summer  1946.  

Wilf  Cuckson

My first picture of Ronald Deacon

Wilf was very helpfull and sent more information and photos-


Hi  Phil   

My  Mum’s  name  was  Helen.  May  1913  to  October  2003.  Ron  died  in  1964  aged  61.  There  was  no  one  else  after.

I  was  interested  to  hear  about  Mick  Deacon,  If  he’s  the  son  of  either  Leslie  or  Eric,  Ron’s  younger brothers, I  may  have  met  him,  I  visited  Eric  quite  a  lot  in  the  50s  he  lived  in  Minster in Thanet  and  Leslie  lived  in  Margate. 

It’s  Leslie’s  daughter  Jane  Ellcock  I  am  trying  to  contact  about  a  possible  Buick  photo.  

The  photos,  Mum  and  Ron  at  the  Cliftonville  Lido, Margate,  an  entertainment  centre  and  Ron  in  Marine  Terrace, Margate,  both  taken  about  1960. 


Helen & Ron 1960

Ron in Margate 1960

I was very pleased to get these photos of Ron Deacon. Thanks again to Wilf Cuckson for all his help.

Click on ‘Some wonderful Photos’ at the top to see another great picture.

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